The purpose of HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) audits is to assess both the management system content as well as operational activities. Apart from exclusive access to our online audit system, iAudited also helps you with the development of your audit content and schedule.

Benefits of iAudited HSE audits


Risk mitigation at workplace.


Regular assessment of whether your safety procedures are legally compliant.


Compare current documentation and practices against best practices in the industry.


Ensure that the resources devoted to health and safety are being utilized effectively.


Reduce OSHA reportable safety accidents and downtime


Lower HSE related expenditure and insurance premiums.

What does an HSE audit involve?

HSE audits involve regular evaluation of the following:
  • Facilities assessment
  • Ergonomics
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire safety
  • Spills containment
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Occupation specific safety practices (manufacturing, construction etc.)
  • Storage of liquids (Lubricants, oils, coolants, resins etc.)
  • PPE Use
  • Material transportation (forklifts etc.)
  • Cranes and Lifting Equipment
  • First aid and emergency systems
  • Storage of flammables
  • Waste disposal
  • Management system audit
  • Working at Height (includes ladders, EWP, scaffold)
  • General traffic management in the workplace

Feature Comparison

iAudited Competitors
Digital audits that are timestamped & geo-tagged
Preventive & Corrective actions
Collaborative task management
Trend analysis & Top-n analysis (i.e. Best & Worst)
Photo & video cues for auditors
Status updates of corrective action progress
Audit in offline mode
Local data storage & multilanguage support
Professional-grade data security, encryption & SLA
Setup in less than 10 minutes
Artificial Intelligence driven audits – Beta

Conducting audits

While internal HSE audits are more informal than external audits, they are also more effective. This is because internal audits can be performed more frequently and are also preventative in nature. iAudited helps you to automate the scheduling of internal audits and keep a track of audit completion & results.

All audits are automatically timestamped and geo-tagged. While it is essential to have a dedicated HSE admin at your workplace, iAudited is designed for ease of use and so any staff member can become an expert auditor in a matter of minutes.

Non-conformances and mitigation actions

When non-conformances/improvement opportunities are found during the audit there may be opportunity to develop and implement preventative (or corrective) actions. iAudited helps you track your mitigation tasks and provides an online platform for collaborative task management.

With a digital audit platform, you can also perform trend analysis and review your best and worst performing workplace areas.