Why iAudited ?

Picture and video cues

You don't have to be a process expert to be an effective auditor. Don’t memorize the nitty-gritty of each audit item. Real-time access to video cues can make you an expert in 15 seconds.


Demonstrate compliance with customer-specific requirements, industry certification bodies or internal goals

Conduct audit at the actual workstation

Complete your audit checklist at the work-station on the shop-floor itself. We are mobile phone & tablet ready. Our web-app even works in those corners of your shop-floor with internet blindspots - save your work when offline.

Can't game the system

Audits documents can be randomly chosen. Moreover, auditors may be randomly assigned. Everything is digitally time-stamped and geo-tagged.

Don't repeat your mistakes

With the analytics module, easily spot the worst performing work-centers and audit topics. Narrow your focus to high-risk areas. Apply the lessons learnt across the board.


Easy to use

  • As easy as Gmail TM
  • Upload photos of findings in real-time
  • Save & resume audits
  • Picture or video cues of the ideal-state
  • No dedicated administrator

Feedback that motivates

  • Auditors know their efforts count
  • Process-owners’ challenges are elevated
  • Message internalization: Higher profits via success on the shop-floor

Risk Identification

  • Areas of recurring shortcomings are risk-elevated
  • Root-cause identification of capacity bottle-necks

Preventive & Corrective Actions

  • Close the loop on findings by creating & tracking action plans
  • Easy to implement best-practices across the board

Data Security

Digital encryption

Apart from TLS1 your data is end-to-end encrypted using AES-256 bit. This is same level of encryption as implemented by banks and digital payment gateways.

Local data storage

Your data is stored in the encrypted form on Amazon's data centers (Gov customers can opt for gov-managed cloud) located in a country of your choice.

Regular security audits

We regularly validate the integrity of our hosted files.

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